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Our meetings

Labsus – Italy

Labsus, the Subsidiarity Laboratory, was founded in 2004 by Georgio Arena. The goal of this lab is based on the certainty that people have needs but also capabilities and that these capabilities can be useful to the community by providing solution to problems of general interest, in partnership with the public sector.
This certainty was confirmed by the Constitutional Review Act, which in 2001 introduced into the Italian Constitution the principle of horizontal subsidiarity: “The State, the Regions, the Metropolitan Cities, the Provinces and the Municipalities favor the autonomous initiative citizens, individuals and partners, for the exercise of activities of general interest, on the principle of subsidiarity“(Article 118, last paragraph). This principle was reaffirmed in 2014 when Labsus was accompanying the city of Bologna in writing the first Regulation for a shared administration. This tool has been used in Italy initiating a new collaborative attitude to improve the general interest. Today, more than 180 municipalities have seized this tool, taking advantage of a legal vacuum to provide a framework for “collaboration between citizens and the administration for the maintenance and regeneration of urban commons”.
Today located in Turin, the laboratory continues to support communities and collectives in the understanding and adoption of these pacts.

Goteo – Spain

Goteo is a platform for sharing, producing and micro-financing initiatives to strengthen the commons (social, cultural, educational, tech, etc.). The objective is to imagine new modes of relations and complementarities between producers and micro-financers (in the form of skills, time, money, or physical products).

Community Land Trust (CLT) – Belgium

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